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In May of 2015, Sergeant Jim Crofts was terminated from the University of California Irvine Health for what was labeled “Substandard Work Performance.” Crofts, a 27-year employee with UCI, had an exemplary career with the University’s security department, with uniformly good evaluations. In order to fight this termination, Crofts hired the law firm of CASTILLO […]

Jury Acquits Former Indio Officer After Two Hours of Deliberation

An extensive foot pursuit of a known and dangerous gang member after a domestic violence call, former Indio Police Officer Gerardo “Jerry” Martinez was charged by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office with a misdemeanor violation of Penal Code section 32, accessory after the fact. The accessory charge was in relation to his co-defendant’s (former Indio […]

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal Issues Favorable Ruling for Employees in Flores V City of San Gabriel Ninth Circuit Appellate Case Nos 14 56421 14 56514

On June 2, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal issued an important published decision that should positively impact the overtime rates of many hourly employees. The case is also mandatory reading for any Association whose members can currently choose to receive some or all of the value of their health benefits in the form […]

Attorney Nikki Naleway Successfully Sets Aside DMV Suspension After DUI Arrest

A. R. called CASTILLO HARPER, APC after he was charged with driving under the influence with a refusal enhancement. Attorney Nikki Naleway assisted him by handling his DMV hearing. She strongly argued that it was not a “refusal” at all, and that there was an issue because A.R. had informed the officer that he was […]

Major Victory Obtained By Castillo Harper APC For Employees In Ninth Circuit Re FLSA Overtime

Major victory for Employees obtained by CASTILLO HARPER, APC in Ninth Circuit Published Opinion, Flores v. City of San Gabriel, (14-56421 / 14-56514). The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal today issued a published decision that should positively impact the overtime rates of hourly employees.Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. § 201, et seq., […]

11 1 Plaintiffs Verdict Obtained by Civil Division in Los Angeles Superior in Gender Discrimination Case

The Civil Division of CASTILLO HARPER, APC was resoundingly successful in Los Angeles Superior court recently in the case of Morris v. the City of Los Angeles, a gender discrimination case. Officer Cheryl Morris is a veteran officer at the Los Angeles Port Police Department, where she currently holds the rank of Police Officer III. […]

40-Hour Suspension Overturned in Its Entirety Civil Service Commission Rules San Bernardino Police Department Violated Officers Right to Discuss His Ia Investigation With Union Reps

You’ve heard the common admonishment— don’t discuss this investigation with anyone other than your representative, the Department’s administration or Internal Affairs.However, imagine the Department disciplining an officer for doing just that— consulting with his POA union representatives—a right you are constitutionally entitled to under the First Amendment, statutorily under the Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights, […]

Update Fontana Officer Removed From Brady List

CASTILLO HARPER, APC Attorneys Successful in Removing Officer From San Bernardino County Brady List March 2013– A recently reinstated police officer was given the good news that he was removed from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office Brady List after Partner Kasey Castillo filed an appeal of his placement on the list. Extensive legal research and writing came […]

Two Beaumont Officers Experience Good Results With Gch General Counsel Services

By way of skill and teamwork, two Beaumont Police Officers were able avoid discipline all together by utilizing CASTILLO HARPER, APC general counsel services. Both officers were subjected to separate internal affairs investigations. Now-Of-Counsel attorney Nicole Winter stepped in, providing quality, assertive LDF representation at the interrogations.  After each investigation concluded, the results were in: […]

Tulare PD Termination Overturned

In the field of law enforcement, officers are all too familiar with the phrase, “You lie, you die,” meaning that if they falsify official documents (such as police reports) or are dishonest, their career is dead. As such, the importance of honesty and truthful0ness are instilled in officers from the very beginning. For one Tulare […]


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