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Tulare PD Termination Overturned

In the field of law enforcement, officers are all too familiar with the phrase, “You lie, you die,” meaning that if they falsify official documents (such as police reports) or are dishonest, their career is dead. As such, the importance of honesty and truthful0ness are instilled in officers from the very beginning. For one Tulare […]

Restraining Orders Have Additional Implications for Law Enforcement Professionals

Kasey A. Castillo, [email protected] THE TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER Like individuals in any industry, law enforcement officers occasionally find themselves in civil court as a party to a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Service of restraining orders can arise out of family court matters, domestic disputes, or other civil actions. Unfortunately for law enforcement professionals, the already inconvenient position […]

Hearing Officer Exonerates Terminated Fontana K 9 Officer

HEARING OFFICER FINDS POBR AND SKELLY VIOLATIONS AND EXONERATES TERMINATED FONTANA K-9 OFFICER What one officer learned: You never think it will happen to you. And then it does. After a full evidentiary hearing before a neutral Hearing Officer, a Fontana Officer was exonerated of dishonesty charges, ordered returned to work, his removed K-9 partner ordered […]

CH Prevails on POBR Writ Petition For Laso Deputy

An LASO Deputy, with the help of CASTILLO HARPER, APC partner Brandi Harper and attorney Joseph Bolander, successfully brought a writ of mandate under the Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights against the County of Los Angeles. The Department entered a false and misleading entry in the Deputy’s personnel file relating to a baseless and “inactivated” […]

Beaumont Police Corporal Vindicated

Scot Davis was excited and looking forward to the upcoming birth of his child. In preparation, he attempted to make sure his work affairs were in order, including letting the Beaumont Police Department’s subpoena clerk know he would soon be out on FMLA leave. He informed her that there might be an issue with some […]

Arbitrator Overturns All Misconduct Allegations and 60-Hour Suspension of Placentia Officer

On June 29, 2010, two officers from the Placentia Police Department were dispatched to a call of two males fighting at the front of a residence. Upon their arrival, the officers made contact with the subjects and separated them. One subject, Mr. R, spoke English and told the officer that he and the other subject […]

San Bernardino County Probation Corrections Officer’s 5-Day Suspension Overturned

As of 2011, our client had worked as a Probation Corrections Officer (PCO) for San Bernardino County for 25 years. In February 2011, he was transferred from the West Valley Juvenile Detention Center (WVJDC) to the Central Valley Juvenile Detention Center (CVJDC). Prior to this time, he had not received any discipline or had any […]


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