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“The Castillo Harper team did an amazing job.  Attorney Mike Selyem is one of several well-educated and experienced attorneys there.  Selyem’s responsiveness, along with his well-rounded knowledge and tenacity proved invaluable. Selyem’s experience as a former law enforcement officer and as a former prosecutor gave him the tools to be successful in developing a solid strategy for this client. Selyem and his team were well- versed in criminal, civil, and administrative law.  I can recommend this law firm to anyone seeking extremely well-informed and hard-working lawyers that are passionate about defending good cops.” -MJS.

“Glad that I worked with Michael [Morguess] to handle my case. Punctual, understanding, knowledgeable, friendly, and all of the above. The outcome of the case was success. Thanks Michael for the good work you put into the case.” – Eva D.

“My husband and I were referred to Michael [Morguess] for an employment law issue in a niche industry. Prior to commencing representation, Michael identified potential strategies for solving the issue and we worked together to make a plan. Michael was able to solve the problem in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost. He was honest about needing to do research and was transparent regarding projected time. He regularly communicated with us and kept us updated on case progress. We are very satisfied with the result and enjoyed working with Michael. In addition to being professional, he is also a very nice man.” – Bertha C.

“Michael Morguess represented me in a labor and employment matter. Michael listened to my needs, valued my opinions, explained the process, kept me informed throughout the process, and advised me on the best way to resolve my case. Michael was thorough and articulate in gathering information, evaluating the strength of my case, helping me understand the outcomes I might expect, and representing my best interests. He acted with knowledge, preparedness, a calming presence, and a polite and respectful attitude. Michael fought hard for me; he did everything he could to ensure a great outcome; and he succeeded. I recommend Michael Morguess without reservation.” – Thom B.

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service I have had with Castillo Harper Law Firm. I want to acknowledge attorney Michael Morguess for his Professionalism while handling a very sensitive case with the County of San Bernardino. Michael made me feel very comfortable and he has kept me informed about my case every step of the way. He has shown professionalism and a caring heart. I am very Blessed to have him as my attorney, my Angel sent from heaven! I would be more than happy/proud to refer him to my friends and colleagues and even strangers and I am sure they will be happy with his professionalism, personality and knowledge with his legal expertise. Thank you Castillo Harper Law Firm.” – Donna Williams

“The attorneys at CASTILLO HARPER, APC are available to my members 24/7.  They understand the challenges faced by officers and always answer our phone calls.  I would highly recommend this team.” -Lt. Robert Landeros, Azusa Police Management Association

“I hired Brandi  Harper after being targeted for workplace retaliation. She contacted me immediately and from Day One always kept me in constant communication and spoke to me about every step of the process. I cannot say enough about the manner in which she handled my case. Her thoughtful professionalism, coupled with her brilliant mind, ensured that I came out victorious. THANK YOU, Brandi!!”

“Mike McCoy provided excellent representation. He was very aware of CDCR departmental policies and POBR rights. Mike was very organized and responded quickly to correspondences. He was very prepared for our hearing and made sure to interview all of the witnesses prior to their testimony in order to make sure they would be fully prepared to be on the stand. Mike was easy to speak to and was very receptive to my input. During my hearing, he actively listened to my concerns and made sure that they were expressed to the ALJ on my behalf. Mike provided excellent service and his hard work gave us a positive outcome in our case. Thank you Mike and CASTILLO HARPER, APC”—Brad R. CCSO

“Michael McCoy is great. He was very responsive to my many questions and took the time to explain the process. I would recommend him to anyone who anyone in the need of employment representation.” —Chris C., Professional Peace Officers’ Association

“In September of 2014, while working as an Indio police officer, I arrested a gang member for two active and violent felony warrants after a long foot pursuit. One of my partners arrived and assisted me with the resisting suspect. Our actions were on surveillance video, and I wrote a standard arrest report.  Days later, I was told I was being investigated by my department for failing to report any force used by my partner (which I did not witness) and by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office for the same. I immediately called Kasey Castillo and her firm. During the employment disciplinary process, Kasey worked tirelessly. Kasey explained in detail every avenue there was available in my best interests. Kasey wrote numerous letters to my police chief, attended interviews and meeting, all in an attempt to save my job. Unfortunately, as I was still on probation with the department, this was to no avail. Ultimately, the Riverside DA’s Office charged me with accessory after the fact, perjury and for filing a false police report. My team of attorneys, Kasey Castillo, Steve Sanchez, Nikki Naleway and Tara Collins aggressively began working on my criminal defense. Kasey and Steve told me what the “worst” and “best” case scenarios were. Kasey offered family support, telling me to share her contact information with my spouse, in case my wife had any questions, as Kasey always said she was available to her as well. Months and a year went by. At this point, Kasey, Steve, Nikki and Tara had pages after pages of well-prepared written documents, and had met repeatedly with a video expert. Kasey, Steve and Nikki were always prepared and ready to take on the DA. After the preliminary hearing, Nikki drafted and Steve argued a “995 motion” to have all criminal charges dropped against me. The Judge agreed and had the felony perjury charge dismissed. Prior to this dismissal, the District Attorney dismissed the PC 32 in the “best interest of justice.” Now, instead of three charges, I was faced with one misdemeanor, for filing a false police report. Finally, we’re now sitting in a courtroom for jury trial.  On 05/23/16, after a few days of court testimony and video evidence, the jury began deliberating. Even though it only took them TWO HOURS to deliberate, it was the worst two hours for me. Sitting outside the court room, with Steve, he repeatedly assured me everything was going to be okay–and it was as they came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict. Attorneys, former co-workers, parents, friends, spouses and siblings could not hold back their tears of joy as the verdict was read. My family and friends are truly blessed with Kasey’s, Steve’s, Nikki’s and Tara’s hard work. THANK YOU CASTILLO HARPER, APC for your hard work.” —Jerry Martinez

“For starters, Mike [McCoy] is a very personable guy. I received timely responses approximately 90% of the time, which includes nights and weekends. I found most of the slower responses were during working hours which is easy to understand. Mike always answered my questions thoroughly and broke things down in layman’s terms. I have to admit I was not the ideal client, and by that I mean I was always lagging when it came to rounding up documents on my end. Again, Mike would send me reminders of the tasks I needed to complete for my case. When the time came to settle, Mike laid out all my options and offered helpful information to help me see potential pitfalls. When I made my decision, Mike proceeded as if he was fighting for himself. I appreciated that. From beginning to end, I felt I had the right attorney representing me. There is a lot to be said for that piece of mind. I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do I will be calling Mike McCoy again. I would be willing to speak to anyone that needs more details, if this is possible contact Mr. McCoy to put us in touch.” —Rudy C.

“I was in need of legal representation on short notice when I contacted Joe [Bolander]. Joe was extremely understanding of my situation and found time to advise and represent me in a hearing. Joe was accessible the entire time he represented me and always returned my calls/emails in a very timely matter. Though legal matters can be a stressful and challenging time, Joe’s knowledge and understanding of legal issues was extremely reassuring. He treated me with courtesy and respect. My entire experience with Joe was very positive and I would highly recommend his representation.” –Andrew

“Kasey [Castillo], I don’t know if I have ever truly expressed my gratitude for all the work you did for me. Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it, but thank you none the less.  The level of service you provided was literally second to none.  You definitely went above and beyond for me and I am grateful for that.  I wish you continued success and hope others come to realize as I have the type of attorney and person you are.  I will always recommend you to others.  Thank you again.” –J. Hendricks, Baldwin Park PD

 “Hello, I had a little run in with the law, so I called the offices of CASTILLO HARPER, APC for help. Now I just want to say for starters, this is the first time I ever had to request any type of legal services and I am glad I did with this firm. Kasey Castillo helped take me in and explain how their services worked and made me feel a little better about my situation. She then handed my case to Steven Sanchez , where right from the start told me how he could help with my case. It could have gone real bad for me if I did not win this case; being on probation with an alleged felony charge would have been devastating if I was convicted. All in all, my charges were dismissed, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I owe this firm and Steven Sanchez a debt of gratitude for handling and winning my case. Thank you so much!” –Abe O.

 “Mike McCoy is an outstanding attorney and was very helpful in my case against my agency. He provided excellent service and is knowledgeable when it comes to the Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights. He was professional and successful in obtaining the terms I requested in regards to my back pay and duty position. I would recommend Mike to be your attorney. If I had to go through my situation again, I would want Mike to be there from beginning to end.” –Tom Y.

“After hiring Kasey Castillo, I was acquitted of the ridiculous charges against me, my termination was overturned, I was returned to the job that I love and dedicated myself to, and most importantly, my good name was restored!” -Deputy J.Boros, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

“If you are looking for an ethical, knowledgeable, experienced, and tenacious representation with a desire for justice, this is the law firm you need to contact. After being placed on administrative leave and having only Kasey Castillo and Nicole Winter in my corner, I was able to see not only my termination overturned by an arbitrator, but I had my good name restored when he ruled that I had not done what my department had accused me of. I count myself blessed to have had such amazing attorneys in this difficult time.” – Officer J. Moyer, Fontana Police Department

“I would like to thank your firm for representing me in an off-duty incident. When I realized I needed representation, I called your office and received a fast response. The attorneys walked me through the legal aspects of my case, and answered all of my questions. I was updated throughout my case by my attorneys. I was later cleared of all charges, and returned back to work without any punishment. I would again thank you and your firm for assisting me during that time.” -Corporal R. Autrey, Beaumont Police Department

 “Kasey Castillo represented me in a work related issue a few years ago. Kasey has an outstanding work ethic and always went above and beyond of what I expected of her. She is truly one of the best. I would highly recommend Kasey to my friends and family alike.” -Corporal, Beaumont Police Department (Ret).

“This is written with the utmost appreciation of Nicole Winter’s representation of me in my discipline matter. I cannot thank you and your firm enough for the outpouring of support in my case. You, Kasey Castillo and Brandi Harper have a premiere law firm going and I look forward to working with all of you in the future. Your seminar in Las Vegas was outstanding and I again am glad I was able to attend. Nicole, I appreciate all of your time and effort you spent on my case. From the moment you took this on, your main concern was protecting my interests. Please give my thanks to Ashley Dutchover, Bobby Montanez and of course, Scott Winter as well for their work on my matter and how much it means to me to know there is a team behind me and willing to fight for me.”  -C. Connolly, Inyo DSA

“I would recommend Brandi Harper to my law enforcement colleagues. In the past, I’ve had quite a few attorneys. Brandi is one of the most honest attorneys I’ve dealt with. She didn’t promise me the moon in my settlement, but with the award I received, I was able to maintain some dignity after what was done to me unlawfully. You can’t expect to get a million plus dollar award if your case isn’t worth that much. Anyone that promises that to you without any merit deserves to be reconsidered. I also liked how Brandi let me have control in the outcome of my case. And last, I liked how Brandi explained each procedure to me and never left me in the dark. Hire her firm and you won’t be disappointed.” -Shaun S.

“Kasey Castillo is an incredible lawyer. She saved my job and got me reinstated as a supervisor. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. She is a fierce lawyer that is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and fight with powerful administrators when they are wrong. She is a true superhero in my eyes. Thank you, Superwoman!” –David M.

“I’m so thankful for Kasey and her team. I spoke with many attorneys prior to Kasey about my case and all they did was stress me out. I knew within minutes from our first phone call I was going to hire Kasey. She put my mind at ease and took care of absolutely everything from start to finish. I had a complicated cased and Kasey came out with the best possible outcome. I would strongly recommend giving Kasey a call. What a life saver.” –Marcel S.

“I am 9 year Law Enforcement veteran having worked in a variety of assignments. After working 6 years as a gang Detective with the Bell Gardens Police Department, I was involved in an internal affairs, which is when I came to know Michael Morguess, as he represented me during my appeals process. Michael was professional, courteous, very thorough and most importantly, made me feel like I mattered. To demonstrate his true character, I’ll share this short story of fact. While awaiting to be heard in court, we had received the hearing Judge’s preliminary decision in my case which was adverse. This decision would have completely eliminated my ability to ever work in Law Enforcement capacity. Feeling this decision was not in the best interest of justice, Michael and I went into court and he argued my case. He did such a great job based on his knowledge of law, policy and Police Officer’s Bill of Rights, his argument convinced the judge to change his initial decision as he sat on the stand, which I am forever grateful. I have maintained contact with Michael throughout the years as he made a profound impression on me. To this day, should I have a question and/or concern, he’ll take the time to discuss the issue with me. People of his caliber, quality, professionalism and integrity seem to be rare there days.” – Rene R.

“Thank you Castillo Harper, APC for your professionalism and dedication in representing me during one of the most difficult circumstances.” – Mark Alvarez, San Bernardino Police Department

“We all work in a dangerous, high risk; profession where we as Cops casually communicate by using sayings that have been around for years. Sayings such as, ‘Keep your head on a swivel, Watch the hands, and my personal favorite, Gas up the car boot.’ I found the saying that truly means the most to Officers, regardless of experience is, ‘I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.’ I can speak from experience when I say; Castillo Harper has been there for me in my time of need. Castillo Harper isn’t just another Attorney’s Office; they are part of our family, The Thin Blue Line, The Sheepdogs that defend the good from evil. I have had the pleasure of being represented on several occasions by Castillo Harper. Castillo Harper is and has always been professional and willing to defend your rights. Castillo Harper is friendly, personable, and accountable while representing you. Sometimes all you need is a great attorney to represent you, before you realize how valuable they truly are. I think I can speak for everyone in my association when I say, ‘We love Castillo Harper!'” – Christian Coley – Hemet Police Department.

“I would like to take a moment to thank you [Michael Morguess] for the hard work and dedication you have put toward my case. Prior to retaining your services, i was represented by three other attorneys from another law firm. I can honestly say that I never had the confidence In them as I do you. I find your knowledge of case law and court room expertise very impressive. Aside from this, I thank you for your honesty and professional demeanor. As my case moves forward closer to closure, I want you to know I truly appreciate you and only wish I had retained you at the beginning of my case.” – Steven Stroble


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